Get with the programmed

by Sam Martin

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released May 16, 2016

Mixed by Ben Brodin
Mastered by Sam Martin



all rights reserved


sam martin Omaha, Nebraska

My name is Sam martin, I'm from Omaha, Nebraska and I make music in different groups and by myself !


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Track Name: A good man
Slide into the sofa, I know no one knows i'm here
interested in no one, I wanna go to be nearer to you
drinking in gulps in hopes of forgetting this distance between us
everyone blows coke here I just want to drink be and smoke dope with jesus

And the deeper I go the clearer I see its a joke
the party is a cool road but hell's the hippest way to go

now I see an old side of me
the dark side of my ghost

Bite into the night 'till every one of my teeth are broke
I'd rather be in a fight with you than blowing smoke with
these stoned clones and stoned clones
and the deeper I go the clearer I see it's a joke
celebrate today the grieving of tomorrow

Now I see a new side of me the pure side
of my soul

I can be dark, I try to be bright
I live in a hole, I'll try to be light
I want to be for you

I don't want to be a bad man.
Track Name: Sue's asside
You want to kill yourself, child
but not every day
you wear eye liner
because you want to go out that way

You want to kill yourself, child
and so do I
when I'm thinking out loud about what
this world is all about
I want to unplug because "fuck it" there is no love.

Don't kill yourself, child
It doesn't matter anyway
and if it doesn't matter
than I'd rather that you stay.
Track Name: Technomad
we sat faced toward a blue hue
replicating the sky
scrolled around all the sights and sounds
just you an I

Technomad, Technomad.

We sat down with a fresh link
imitating a door
I have to wonder what do they think
that we are staring at them for ?

Technomad, Technomad.
Track Name: Another
The river runs red with the blood of the city.
You're dying or you're dead or you're lying that you're living.
Find someone to fuck 'till it spreads and we are many
on a rock around a star struck down still winning.

I own a lot, I throw a lot away
I want another, another.
Track Name: Big in the head
Nobody wants to come down
so high up here
nobody sees the sky now put that speaker in your ear.
it's hard defining just where we are
I'm not the pilot of this rock around a star.

I don't know what I want.
I don't know what I need.
I don't know how to survive.
I am only alive.
Track Name: Frightened
Under a light
so bleak I see you
I walked to the bar tonight on my own
and nobody is out there
nobody is caring for you.

You've got me frightened by I don't know what.

I want my head on your arm,
in bed during this storm.
Track Name: Along the way
Who is it you have in mind when you're in the air ?
Come down from there.
Who is it that's in your head when you take it ?
Not me, not a thought, not shit.

Who is it that's in your dreams when you're sleeping high ?
Not me, not I.
Who is it that's by your side through the evening of your life
through the crime that is to live not a thought just a hit.

It's been hard but at least we can say that we shook
everything we passed along the way.
Track Name: Fire the police
Fire the police.
There are terrible things happening at home, to our own.
Fire the police, chop the head off the beast. For these terrible things, for the blood in the streets.
Fire the police.
Track Name: Robbing the boss
My master is managing everyone, putting bugs in our clothes.
That bastard hasn't once made it fun. Where is his smile ? No one knows.
Come Friday now, I'm running out. Don't mind me now. What say you ? I blame you, I loath you too. Now pay me what I'm do.

Sliding out the back, money in the bag, flying down the track like lightning.
I'm not coming back. Find me in the black. I'll be counting stacks and smiling.
Track Name: Vacuum eyes
Our eyes reversing, sucking salty water to me.
Ocean blooming.
Lies rehearsing over coffee.
versing lofty dreams of money here.
In hear, inside my vacuum eyes.

Our mouths regurgitating mating calls and wanting
friends for flaunting.
Haunted stories poring out from custom screens
and screaming sorrows here.
In here behind my vacuum eyes.
Track Name: The song is a lie
Put on a pot of tea and let it scream at you.
Why do you lie to me when I love you for your truth ?
I don't want to be the paranoid boy.
I don't want to be the wasted youth.
I don''t want to be your sad shelved toy that
you only ever touch to move.

I know I will be fine whatever you do
but I don't want to be lied to.